What We Do

What We Do

More2Life is all about healthy choices! Our motto is that “Your Choices Affect Your Future” and we use a variety of topics to help students understand this. Students who have seen our programs understand the importance of setting goals, making positive choices and focusing on their futures. We offer a fun, interactive environment to get our message across while always letting them know that it is their choices and their futures. We never tell them what to do but we equip them to make the best decisions.

More2Life offers a flexible curriculum that can meet the needs of your organization. To schedule a presentation or to receive more information, contact us.


For Students

More2Life offers two great programs for students. The first program is a 2-Hour Program that is done primarily in public schools. The second program we customize to fit the need or time of the location and are offered in private schools, churches, youth and civic organizations, juvenile justice facilities, alternative schools and after school sites.

For Parents

Start Talking…Keep Talking. Believe it or not, teens are saying that their parents are the most influential voice in their lives! The M2L Parent Education program provides 1-hour presentations to encourage parents and equip them with resources on how to guide their child to healthy decision making during the teenage years.

For Community

Through community partnerships and education efforts we are increasing awareness that our children are impacted by the choices they make especially in regards to risky behaviors associated with sex, drugs & alcohol. With our portable information booth, we provide health resources at local community events, health fairs, concerts, block parties, youth rallies, workshops & seminars.